About Our Practice

Kauri HealthCare is an Integrated Family Health Centre (IFHC) located in Palmerston North.

Welcome to Our Family Health Clinic

Our Mission Statement

To improve quality of life by providing sustainable, compassionate, comprehensive, health care services.


Our Goal

To offer quality care and programs that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

Kauri HealthCare’s Strategy

  1. Know the practice population well.
  2. Know each patient well.
  3. Keep the health care of each person at a relational level.
  4. Planned care for demographic groups, disease groups and individuals.
  5. Early assessment and intervention for acute events.
  6. Wide use of resources – primary and secondary and health care services.
  7. Excellent communication between providers.
  8. Appropriate use of ICT resources for the patient and for providers, for education, governance, communication etc

Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice. Teaching practices have to achieve the highest quality standards to be accredited.

This means from time to time we will have medical and nursing students observing, learning and working with us. It is a very important function to train the nurses and doctors of the future in an everyday clinic.

We will always seek your approval if we have students with us during your consultation.

Registrar doctors will also be working with us. These doctors are qualified doctors who are working towards their specialist general practice qualification, which is a further three years training after they first graduate as doctors. They are supervised by a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners who practice in the centre.

Principles of Care Model

We believe you want to be as well as possible, regardless of what health challenges you may face, and our aim is to support you in this.

This means:

Patient-centred Care: We aim to make your health, individuality and safety our priority.

Relational Care: Most of your health support will be provided by a small number of people who will consider you their priority. Mostly, this means the GPs, Nurse practitioner, Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistant in your Pod.

Integrated Care: At Kauri HealthCare we are creating a network of health services that is larger and better connected than traditional general practice. These services are integrated with your primary health team in your Pod. Your team will work with these services and coordinate your health care so that you have contact with the person or people who are best suited to support your optimal health.

Flexible Care: Whether you prefer to get in touch with us electronically, by phone or by popping in to the Health Centre we welcome your contact. Our aim is to make caring for your health as easy as possible for you. This includes offering you, when appropriate, ‘virtual consultations’ by phone, text or email, to provide you with health care wherever you are, and forward planning to ensure your contact with us, no matter for how long, is as effective and efficient as we can possibly make it for you.

Responsive Care: We aim to respond to your health need in the time and with the treatment that are appropriate to the urgency and seriousness of your condition. We have created Hub care for urgent and emergency treatments, and your Pod care GPs and Nurse Practitioners have ‘urgent’ appointments for health issues where their knowledge of you and your health will allow better care.

Planned Care: As well as responding to your contact, we will encourage you to attend for planned health assessments and reviews to support you in staying as healthy as possible.

Quality Care: We are continually reviewing our policies, protocols and systems, and we welcome your feedback. As individual health care providers we are all committed to ongoing education and training so that we are always updating our knowledge and skills. We support each other in this and we are supported by the other health professionals in our integrated health care services.

At Kauri HealthCare we have built far more than a new health care facility. While treating immediate health concerns our focus at Kauri HealthCare is on facilitating a lifetime of well-being for you and your family. The dynamic relationships between our GPs, nurses, other health providers and supporters within our immediate team as well as secondary community carers ensures you have the best resources to support your life long health journey.

At Kauri HealthCare we understand how important those personal relationships are, so you can rest assured that we vehemently protect your relationship with your health professional. Having such a strong and capable team and a wider range of services behind them enables your health professionals to provide you with even greater care, and should circumstances dictate that your usual carer is unavailable your care will nevertheless continue seamlessly.

At Kauri HealthCare we talk how you talk. Whether you prefer to get in touch with us electronically, by phone or by popping in to the Health Centre we welcome your contact. Our aim is to make caring for your health as easy as possible for you, and that includes forward planning by Kauri HealthCare to provide all the services you need within a single visit – or even providing you with ‘virtual consultations’ by phone, text or email if they are appropriate for your specific needs, so that you don’t have to come in if you’d prefer not to.

At the end of the day your health is yours. At Kauri HealthCare we are here for your wellbeing, to care for you, and make sure you have what you need for a healthy future.

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To improve quality of life by providing sustainable, compassionate, comprehensive, health care services is our mission

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